Horse Riding Camps 2018

Here are a few pictures and reviews from the Horse riding camps at Kingsford Equestrian in 2018. Students went back with lots of happy memories and we hope to see everyone again next year.

‘The trip was very enriching for my English and I hope I come back next year.’

Leana. France

‘I didn’t want to go on Sunday because I love being in Kingsford. The family is so kind and there is very very good food. I made so many friends and we had a beautiful time together. I loved being in Kingsford and I go home with beautiful memories. I will come next year and for more time.’ 

Kala, Spain

‘I think that the best memory was the beach because it was very original to swim with horses and it was really fun.’

‘I hope I can come back next year. We’ll see. I have no negative aspects. In one phrase; ‘It is only a big dream which comes true to be here.’

Raphaelle. Luxembourg

‘ I’m leaving on Sunday and I have mixed feeling. Of course I miss my home and my parents but I totally don’t want to leave. I fell in love with this place and these people – Lynn, Tom, and all the guys are now my second family and Kingsford is now feeling like my second home. And I really  want to come to this camp again next year.’

Tea. Russia

‘Lynn is a really good cook and I enjoyed all the vegetarian meals and desserts.’

Julie. Belgium